We’re Crowdsourcing an E-Book on #bullicornhacks

We’ve noticed that a lot of “life hacking” websites and resources are very dude-centric.

Like, remember in 2014 when Apple launched its Health app to allow users to “monitor all of your metrics that you’re most interested in” – including electrodermal activity, blood alcohol content, and daily intake of chromium – and, you know, forgot to include periods? (Not all women have periods and not all people with periods are women, but we’re pretty sure more people want to track their periods than their chromium, and that having more non-dudes in tech would prevent ridiculous omissions like this in the future.)

Here at Bullish we’re also, as a group, not that interested in Soylent, athletic toe-separator shoes, and outsourcing basic life functions to virtual assistants in India. And most of us do want to boost our WiFi signals, but we’ve got (and want) life hacks about lots of other topics. As per our feminist friends over at Teen Vogue, there’s nothing wrong with caring very much about both skincare and contacting your elected representatives.

So we’ve decided to crowdsource an e-book of bullicorn lifehacks – on getting work done, managing your morning routine, setting boundaries with family and while dating, and much more.

Contributors will get the e-book for free. Any funds raised from the e-book will go to the ACLU.

Got Bullish Life Hacks? Fill out our form here.

Deadline: Wednesday, March 22

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