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Mother's Day 2024 Top 42 Unusual Gift Ideas Under $20
Welcome to our ultimate guide for unusual Mother's Day Gifts Under $20 for 2024! If you're tired of the same old flowers and chocolates, you've come to the right place.
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How to Go From Inbox 20,000 to Inbox Zero in One Hour
Updated for 2024 So, people say “Inbox Zero” to you – the idea that your email inbox should be at zero or near-zero at all times – and you laugh
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New Year, New You Essentials: Unleash Your Best Self This 2024
Hey, trendsetters and resolution rebels, strap in because the rollercoaster ride that is 2024 awaits, and we've got your back with our blog series, 'New Year, New You Essentials: Unleash
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Glam Up Your Home Office This 2024
Welcome to a new year of possibilities and productivity! As we usher in 2024, there's no better time to revitalize your work environment and transform your home office into a
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GetBullish is a community, a blog, and a shop – and what they have in common is babes who take no bull. Join us for new articles, courses and events, and exclusive store discounts.

    About GetBullish

    About GetBullish

    Jen founded GetBullish as an advice column in 2010 after penning some notes on a napkin for a book called “How to Make Money Without Becoming a Republican.” She has since spoken at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Barnard, JP Morgan, and many others about designing your own career, multiple income streams, networking without being fake, and combating sexism in the workplace and every day. She runs GetBullish from a glam office/warehouse in Brooklyn. Her last name is pronounced “Di-ZURA.”
    As a speaker, she’s warm, engaging, and funny. She’s got an Olympian amount of energy, and she always leaves the audience with practical, appealing tips for taking action. -Meg Ahern
    Jennifer is funny and engaging, and provides useful information and techniques you can implement immediately. She has a knack for taking complicated concepts and explaining them in a way that’s accessible. -Lindsay LaVine
    I am grateful to the beautiful brains of Jen Dziura who had the ballsy idea for The Bullish Conference, and the gumption to follow through on that ballsy idea. -Jamie Lee