Not All Women Want to Date a “Career Man”


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Remember the finale of 30 Rock?

Liz Lemon and new husband Criss adopted twins. Liz’s job had come to an end anyway, so she stayed home, while Criss got a job as a dental receptionist. He hated it. She hated it. So they decide to switch.

Criss: “You’re the dad.”

Liz: “I do like ignoring your questions while I try to watch TV.”

Of course, a heterosexual couple can adopt relationship roles that suit their personalities without merely aping old-fashioned, patriarchal patterns. Most women are looking for some version of equality that suits both partners’ personalities, not the Barcalounger model of fatherhood that the 30 Rock joke riffs on.

But some women have really type-A, go-getter personalities. And some men are really not cut out for the stress of having to make a living. Some women aren’t just looking for a relationship where everybody does everything.

And I want those people to meet and be happy together, without society getting all over their case.

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