Starting Oct 4: The 30-Day Pitch Challenge


Over on the The Bullish Society we’re running four 30-day challenges each year.

Our first challenge: The 30-Day Pitch Challenge.

Pitching isn’t just for writers and baseball players! (See Bullish: 3 Tips for Pitching Your Dream Gig.) Everyone needs to pitch, whether it’s lunch with a potential mentor or having a company create the perfect job for you. The best opportunities are the ones you make for yourself, and sometimes the most audacious requests are the ones that impress.

Every day for 30 days we post a task, and our members plan about 15 minutes per day to complete it. There are a few tasks which will take longer, but there’s plenty of warning for those. Post results in the forums for accountability and community support!

The 30-Day Pitch Challenge is free to members of The Bullish Society.

To participate, join The Bullish Society, then simply add yourself to the 30-Day Pitch Challenge thread.


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