Jen at Harvard – “First-Generation College Students: Turning Disadvantages Into Strengths”


Today I spoke at a Harvard School of Public Health event (more pics are on the @jenniferdziura and @getbullish Instagram accounts).

For those who were in attendance (hi!), here are a few articles that expand on points from the talk.

Bullish columns:

Other resources:

Some questions raised, discussed, and deserving of more discussion:

How can a person learn more about how to act and talk in a professional situation? What are more resources about this? (I am thinking of doing a webinar or live event about this, and thinking about people I can enlist to the cause. Thanks for this idea.)

How can white people contribute to diversity?

If you have had a distant or very hierarchical relationship to authority figures, how can you try to speak and network on more of a peer level?


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