BullCon17 Speakers – “Own Your Future” with Stephanie Judd and Kara Davidson of Wolf and Heron

Own Your Future with Kara and Stephanie at the Bullish Conference 2017

We’re thrilled to announce BullCon17 speakers Stephanie Judd and Kara Davidson!

Stephanie and Kara founded Wolf & Heron in 2016. The pair co-create and deliver workshops for entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers who are looking for ways to expand their impact. Stephanie and Kara share a background in business strategy and change management consulting. They have worked with organizations of all types, from Fortune 100 corporations to non-profits and small businesses. At all these organizations, Stephanie and Kara have worked to implement systemic, cultural change at every level of the management hierarchy, and establish routines that fuel the strategic priorities and augment the impact of the organizations.
Stephanie and Kara have cultivated deep expertise on a variety of topics related to organizational cultures, leadership, and change, including:

-Positive organizational culture and positive deviance
-Organizational and individual behavior change
-Employee engagement
-Experiential learning design, self-discovery, socratic dialogue, and information processing
-Storytelling and framing
-Social and environmental sustainability
-Servant leadership
-High-performing teams
Wolf & heron is uniquely qualified to design experiences that are highly immersive, offering the next wave of leaders the opportunity to discover, share insights, and build capabilities in a fun, interactive way.

Stephanie and Kara are based out of Colorado and New York respectively, but deliver their workshops all over the world.

We caught up with the two of them to find out more! Here’s our Q&A with a sneak peak into what they’ll bring to The Bullish Conference.

We’re so excited to welcome you both to Bullish! How did you find us?

We found out about Bullish after finding one of Jen’s LinkedIn articles, and recognizing her like-minded, power-positive lady voice over the interwebs. At wolf & heron, we create experiences that empower leaders – particularly women – at all levels and so it seemed like a perfect fit to find a home as Bullish speakers for this year’s conference.

It’s great to have you join the fold, can you tell us more about what you focus on at wolf & heron?

We founded wolf & heron to create immersive experiences for individuals and leaders looking to increase their impact. With over two decades of combined experience in organizations ranging from multinational Fortune 100 corporations, to small grassroots non-profits, startups, and everything in between, we have developed a unique point of view on leadership designed for driving impact and what it means to be the Head B*tch In Charge. We have cultivated deep expertise on topics related to leadership, change, influence, and storytelling.

Can you give us a sneak peak into what you’ll be sharing at BullCon?

This year we’ll be helping you Own Your Future. Women who understand where they want to go are much more likely to find unexpected opportunities that will lead them there. We’ll help you create a vision for your year based on what’s important to you and the difference you want to make, and break it into measurable goals and actions. Also, everything we do is immersive! Fun! Dynamic! And not boring 🙂 we promise.

How can we keep in touch between now and November?

Our websites: www.wolfandheron.com | www.becomingthehbic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wolfandheron
Twitter: @wolfandheron
Kara: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karadavidson/
Stephanie: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juddstephanie/

We love working and collaborating with like-minded ladies. Ping us!

Join Stephanie and Kara + our other awesome speakers this year at BullCon17

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