Coming Up in The Bullish Society: Level Up with Your New Career BFFs

The Bullish Society is our members-only community of supportive career badasses and we have so much good stuff coming up this month! If you’re curious about the society, now is the perfect time to join us and check it out.

#ICYMI- March Expert-in-Residence

Our March EIR shared super amazing tips and tricks on kicking ass in the corporate world. Check out the blog on Power and making shit happen here.

April Expert-in-Residence:

Carlee Nesse, previous BullCon speaker will be taking us through a month of maximizing potential. Here’s a bit more on what she’ll be covering:

Unlock Your Imagination

Do you feel stuck? Have you accepted that parts of your life can’t be great because that’s just the way they are? Have you fallen into black hole of inaction and are finding it hard to do the things you want to do? Do you have ideas, but are uncomfortable sharing them because you’re afraid of what might happen?
This month you’ll build confidence by stress testing your ability to generate and share ideas, push yourself to explore expanded versions of your potential future, and mass generate solutions to apply to your real life in a supportive low stakes environment.

Coming up…

May: #31Compliments – A Professional Compliment Challenge

In May instead of an EIR, we’ll be sharing a challenge with our Bullish Society members. Each member will be challenged to give a professional compliment for 31 days straight and see how it affects their relationships at work and helps them to build their networks.


Live Chats:

We’ve scheduled a bunch of live chats which are exclusively for Bullish Society members. These chats are the perfect opportunity to answer questions, get live feedback and share ideas about feminist topics. Sign up today to RSVP for the live chats and take advantage of this community of badass career ladies.


Webinars – Free for Society Members

We’ve announced two upcoming webinars: Design Your 5 Year Plan and Side Hustles for Total Beginners. These webinars are $24 each (you can buy them here). BUT these particular webinars are FREE for society members. That’s a $48 value when you join. We often offer discounts or freebies to our members.



Self Promotion? #LadyBragging? We love it!

The Bullish Society has topics specifically designed for your baller #ladybrags and blatantly promotional pitches. Most communities and forums don’t love it when you promote your side hustle or business, but we’re all about that! Join us to network, promote, and crowdsource for your #ladybiz.

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