Introducing Bullish Webinars!

Note: Please welcome Meg Ahern, who will be managing webinars for GetBullish.

Exciting news, Bullicorns!  GetBullish is about to debut a monthly webinar series with Jen!!   The first of these live webinars will be held on December 12th at 8pm Eastern time, and each one thereafter will also be held on the second Thursday of the month.  We hope you can join us!

The topic for the world premiere Bullish webinar is Beyond Leaning In: Stepping It Up Without Selling Your Soul to Corporations.” This is your chance to hear Jen speak on the key principles of Bullish career advancement, and then break this down for us in practical terms. Finally, we’ll have a live Q&A. Extemporaneous Bullishness!

Another exciting feature of the new Bullish webinars is the ability to connect with and get to know your fellow Bullicorns.  There’s a live chat feature that will allow you to talk to one another and we’ll save time at the end for discussion.

Also, did you know that most universities cannot legally allow cocktails in the classroom?  Shrug.  We ourselves have no such constraints.  Make yourself something elegant to sip on while you build your gentlewomanly career with us!

To help you get more from the webinar series, each one will have a custom-made, modest list of suggested articles for pre-reading.  Out of compassion for our Austrian and Australian Bullicorns (yes, we have both!) we will be offering a recording of the webinar in the Bullish store, but it won’t be out until several weeks after the fact.  So, if you’re able, we think you should really come join us live.

You can get the full details on the inaugural Bullish webinar and sign up here.  Looking forward to seeing you on the 12th!

– Meg

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