2016 Article Roundup: A Year of Bullish!


Looking back over 2016, we’re looking at some pretty great stuff to celebrate! (I mean, as far as Bullish goes. Not, you know … America.)

Our annual Bullish Conference saw 43 bullicorns converge and conquer in Palm Springs. From hot tub hanging out to power-packed conference sessions, BullCon16 in Palm Springs was all about supportive new friendships, real learning and mega-authenticity.

We’re maybe most excited about the launch of the Bullish Society. So many bullicorns are having powerful work — and life! — discussions, supporting each other, enjoying Jen’s weekly video series, getting advice from our monthly Experts-in-Residence, posting “Baller Ladybrags,” and generally kicking some glittery butt!

And finally, holiday shopping is going strong in The Bullish Shop! We have over 1,000 products and three people shipping orders nearly around the clock. Ladybiz!

Here is our annual roundup of all the year’s articles! 39 of them, to be exact.



That One Time a Bunch of Bullish Ladies Lovingly Trolled Me With Questions About Manifesting Abundance and Not Intimidating Your Boyfriend

Genderqueer in the Office? A Few Thoughts on Building a Career

Why Don’t Men Buy Women Books in Bookstores Instead of Drinks in Bars?

Advice Mega-Column, Part I: Side Hustles for Academics, Face-Blindness, Your “Friends” Who Keep Trying to Sell You Nail Wraps

Advice Mega-Column, Part II: Giant Student Loans, Mean Girl Friends, Whitepapers, Career Changes, and Minimum Viable Products

That One Time I Went to Court and Realized Everything Was Fucked

I Want to See a Gender-Swapped Version of Every Movie. Literally Every One.

The Infuriating Truth About Why Some Women Project Their Problems on Other Women Who Are In Fact Living Their Lives Totally Functionally

Post-Election: Today’s Numb Slog, and What’s Next



I Keep Interviewing for Jobs I Don’t Really Want

Pay Off Debt Bullishly

How to Get Bullish About Moving to a New City

How Do I Stay Motivated When I Feel Behind With Life?

Should I Do My Own Taxes?

Is It Too Late To Bullishly Plan For A Baby?

The Bullish Guide To A Quarter Life Crisis

How Should You Decide Whether to Have Kids? (And How to Tell Your Relatives to BACK THE F OFF)

How Do I Get Bullish With My New Biz While My Partner Pays the Bills?

Gentlewomanly Living with a Toddler

Side Hustles + Undermining Colleagues in Academia

What to Do When Your Internship is Probably Illegal?

Stay Motivated When a Gentlewomanly Life Seems Far Away

Taking Risks to Move Up Fast

Should I Step Up My Wardrobe to Succeed at Work?

Is a Franchise a Good Way to Start a Business?

What About Dudes Who Skeeze on You at Conferences?

When Your Sexist Family Raised You to Be Less Than You Can Be

I Have an App Idea But No Tech Skills. Help!

My Boss Thinks of Me as “Sweet and Cheerful.” How Can I Move Into Management?

Terrible Clients and Their Terrible Behavior

Bad Bosses and Good Gifts

Bad Bosses (Again!) and When to Jump Ship

Volunteering vs. Side Hustles

How Can I Defend Feminist Ideas If I’m Terrible at Arguing?

On Moving Out of Support Roles, Coworkers with Terrible Politics, and Finally Getting Serious in Life



Affiliate Linking for $$$ Guide: The GetBullish Multiple Income Streams Series by Lauren Orsini, foreword by Jen Dziura

Article Writing As A Side Hustle Guide: The GetBullish Multiple Income Streams Series by Bhavya Reddy, foreword by Jen Dziura

The GetBullish Guide To Thinking More Productively About Money by Jen Dziura



How to Keep Your Career Going When You Take a Few Years Off

Bullish on APW: Steal These Beautiful Thoughts to Use at Your Atheist Wedding

Bullish on APW: This is One Sentence I Am Sick and Tired of Hearing at Work

Bullish on APW: The “Minimum Viable Product” Model Isn’t Just for Software Companies


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