Friday Link: Getting Over Failure

It’s hard to find an entrepreneur less risk-averse than Jennifer Dziura (pronounced “Di-zura”). A self employed writer, humorist, and educator, she first came to New York City with just $400 in her pocket. Her latest project is launching twelve new businesses in twelve months.

Let’s rewind a moment—yes, I wrote “twelve new businesses in twelve months.” Most of us would shudder at the thought of trying to launch one business in a year. Oh, we could do it, we tell ourselves, but we need to be better prepared. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, there’s one nagging concern that stands out above the others: what if I fail?

“Failing is not rock bottom,” said Dziura. “Failing is leaving you with an experience. Having a business fail doesn’t kill you or put you in jail. And, especially in the entrepreneurial world, you need to fail at something or you’re not even playing.”

Bullicorn Lauren Orsini interviews Jen for The Women’s Book. Read the whole interview here.

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