BullCon for International Bullicorns – Welcome!


The Bullish community is spread out around the globe, and we’re always thrilled to welcome international Bullicorns to the Bullish Conference. We’ve previously welcomed participants from Brazil, Canada, and Haiti!

If you’re coming from the UK for #BullCon15, you may wish to check Flight Center for deals, while Virgin Atlantic and Iceland Air often have flights for less than £450 listed on SkyScanner. The Visa Waiver Program means most British Citizen passport holders won’t even have to apply for a Visa. Around 3.8 million British nationals visit the United States every year—you could up the Bullicorn quotient!

From Paris flights start at approximately €500 – €600, Athens between €600 – €700, and Berlin and Amsterdam flights start around €500.

If you’re coming from Australia (the bullicorn would bless you forevermore), it’s almost 30 hours in the air, so leave on Wednesday! Flights start out at about $1300.

While the above are the countries most frequently represented on our lists, of course we don’t mean to leave out anyone coming in from anywhere else in the world – let us know if we can provide any extra information or assistance.

See you in New York!

Tickets are now available on the Bullish Conference website.

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