Bullish on DailyWorth…3 Reasons You’re Always Late—And How to Fix Them

Three reasons you are always late and how to fix it - a Get Bullish Article by Jen Dziura

You Can’t Always Blame Traffic

“One block away! Be right there!”

If you’ve ever sent that text when you were definitely more than one block away, you may have a lateness problem.

A loose relationship with time might be okay when meeting friends in a bar, but it’s not okay at your job. It’s also not okay for all those networking coffees and “casual” meetings that, although enjoyable, are crucial for your career.

Check out DailyWorth for three reasons people are frequently late — and Jen’s suggestions on how to tackle the problem.

The Three Reasons You're Always Late and How to Fix Them - a Get Bullish Article by Jen Dziura

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