All of the Items From the Store That I Have Plundered For My Own Use

I spend a lot of time sourcing products for the Bullish Store and personally testing them and also increasing my personal stash of treasures. Here are my personal favorites right now. Personal, like I am wearing many of them on my person.

This marble column necklace. Maybe I like it so much because I was a philosophy major and it seems sort of Grecian.


I got these “I Got This” Socks for my guy. I like them because the little dragon-slaying critter on the socks portrays ability and competence, but not in an entitled way. He looks thrilled that he can do stuff!



My keys look fantastic on this. I have the black one.

Desert_Sage_Key_Fob_587dafa0-2e7b-4fc0-8784-9998afdbaf49_1024x1024Still wearing this business tiara when I really have no fucking time for a fucking blowout.


Black Confetti Boot Socks. Look, they don’t say “Motherfucking Girl Power” on them. But they’re black boot socks with a hint of sunshine and they’re fucking great and they match everything. If they don’t all sell I’ll happily TAKE THEM ALL.


I’m not personally whimsical enough for the Beautifully Self-Employed Flower Crown, but it looks great on my two-year-old (it’s meant for adult head sizes, but whatevs). Maybe if I personally had bigger hair.


Stacey from Bang-Up Betty sent me one of these Smash the Patriarchy necklaces as a present and I was like, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, I’LL TAKE 30 FOR THE STORE, THANK YOU.


This Gold Textured Business Card Case, which is literally

Look, I put EVERYTHING on a tray because I’m a grown-ass woman who knows how to live. Specifically, this white confetti tray.


And this white oval bar tray.



You know what Bullish HQ smelled like when these arrived? LIKE SEXY BOURBON. And it crackles like a fireplace while it burns.



This necklace is a dinosaur.


I put these in my mouth. There was a long process of taste testing in having these developed, so FUCK YES CASHEW SEA SALT COCOA WHOLE FOODS.


Ooh, that’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to being a lifestyle blogger.

Back to the hustle! (And planning a conference!)

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