Best of Bullish: 2013 Roundup and Reading List

It’s been a year! I wrote fifty or so Bullish columns, some of which I have no memory of writing but am pleasantly surprised to discover that I did!

We had a Bullish Conference! There were Bullish Mad Libs! (You can save your spot for the 2014 conference here!)

Here is a handily-categorized directory of the past year in bullishness:


Bullish: How Do You Improve Your Life When Friends and Family Tell You to “Be Realistic”?

Bullish: What Do You Really Owe Your Family? (Also: Solving Problems Without Sacrificing Yourself)

Bullish Life: “Wedding Homework,” Plus a Gentle(wo)manly Wedding Vow Suggestion

Bullish Q&A: When You’ve Been Cheated On and Now Hate Everyone


Bullish Life: How to Get Muscles and Ignore Haters Who Hate Lady-Muscles

Bullish: 5 Reasons To Work Out (That Have Nothing To Do With Your Appearance)

Bullish Life: 6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life (Without Actually Having to Clean Things)

Bullish: How to Have a Staidcation (for Staid People, Get It?)

Bullish Life: How To Stay Bullish When You’re Depressed


Bullish Life: When, If Ever, Is a Good Time to Get Knocked Up?

Bullish Life: If You’re Pro-Choice, How Do You Make a Good Choice?

Bullish Life: On Miscarriages, Goldfish, And Misunderstandings As The Price Of Freedom

Bullish Life: On STIs And Being Responsible Under Embarrassing (and Incurable) Circumstances

Bullish: Should You Channel Your Sexual Energy Into Your Goals? (Wait, What?)


Bullish: Benevolent Sexism and “That Guy” Who Makes Everything Awkward

Bullish: Why More Socialism Would Help 51% Of The Population Create More Jobs

Bullish Life: Never Opt All the Way Out, Ever: A Response to the New York Times

Bullish: When Is It Appropriate To Ask People About Their Jobs? (Ladies Say: INSTANTLY)

Bullish: Trans Men On Male Privilege And Locker-Room Bullshit

Bullish: Judged If You Wear High Heels, Judged If You Wear Anything Else


Bullish: Is College Worth It? And How Important is Youthful Success?

Bullish: Should You Do What You Love?

Bullish: On Managing Slackers When You Have No Power (And/Or Being A Solitary Unicorn)

Bullish: High-Paying, Women-Friendly Tech Jobs Are Out There (Even if You Majored in Art)

Bullish: Should You Take A Step Backwards To Switch Careers? (Also: Beguile Employers Into Loving You!)

Bullish Life: What To Do When College Didn’t Seem To Help Your Future Much

Bullish: Why Working From Home Wins

Bullish Life: Starting a Business After a Break-up

Bullish: Do You Need a Business Plan to Start a Business? (Hint: No)

Bullish: How Getting Hit On By Dudes Trains You For Career Negotiations

Bullish Lady-Convo: People Lose Their Shit for Whitepapers


Interview with Gala Darling: On Starting Your Own Business, And Being A Productivity Unicorn

Bullish: Should You Act More Confident By Making Yourself Larger (Like a Blowfish)?

Bullish Life: You Know What I Find Inspiring? Mediocrity.

Bullish Life: How to Really Change People’s Minds (Hint: Later)

Bullish Life: What Successful People Do On The Weekends, An Interview With Laura Vanderkam

Bullish: How to Network When You’d Really Rather Settle In With a Good Book

Bullish: Every Weird Thing You Do Will Help You

Bullish: What’s Your Business Model? (If You Think You Don’t Have One, You Probably Just Have a Bad One)

Enjoy! And don’t forget to design your 2014! Here’s Bullish: How To Attack 2014 Like A Badass and here’s the Design Your 2014 digital download.

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