#BullCon14: Lincoln Road and sunny South Beach

In the time between designing your 2015 and planning your empire by the pool, South Beach offers many ways to get out in the sun and recreate like a badass. A walking tour of art deco architecture on Lincoln Road Mall, anyone? Originally designed in the 1920s, Lincoln Road was converted into a pedestrian mall in the 1950s and has a fabulous history as the “Fifth Avenue of the South”. It’s a hub for shopping, dining, drinking and some fantastic people watching.

Art deco architecture in the sun

If you’re hungry, Lincoln Road is packed with an enormous variety of restaurants, everything from Argentine and French to sushi and steakhouses. Here’s a complete listing to drool over. Art galleries are also an integral part of Lincoln Road, both physically (there are five) and historically. About 30 years ago, the Lincoln Road storefronts were largely abandoned and severely dilapidated. In 1984 ArtCenter artists took up residence in 21 storefronts. Now the ArtCenter is still thriving. Their main location has an artist-in-residence program, forty-two artists’ studios open to the public and four exhibition spaces as well as cooperative work facilities and classrooms.

After you’ve eaten delicious food and checked out some of the stunning art, there’s a bookshop to peruse. Books & Books is independent and locally owned and has been around for 30 years. Specializing in art, design, fashion and architecture, they offer a beautifully curated selection, including a section on South Beach! And if you need a caffeine hit to perk up, they have a café as well.

The 18th Street Beach Walk (like a board walk, but with the chance to dip your toes!) is a great place to get in some exercise, do some more people watching, or sit by the ocean and read.

See you in South Beach, Bullicorns!

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