The GetBullish Holiday Home Essentials 2019 – Humor, Oven Mitts, Dish Towels, and Other Quirky Kitchen and Gift Items (and free US shipping over $40)

Our first-ever Bullish product line consisted of bull-themed totes, tees, and keychains. Since then, we’ve expanded greatly. It’s not about us, it’s about you and your love for butter, or marijuana. We’ve got gifts for anyone who eats food or lives in a place. Really.

Home Goods

Oven mitts, great gifts for people who have hands and sometimes touch hot things!

Blue Q Oven Mitts

Blue Q Kitchen Apron

Aprons might seem a little retro, but they protect your clothes and these ones are sweary and funny.

Blue Q Dish Towel

Dish towel, tea towel, whatever. What do you do with a super nice towel? You can just dry your hands on it like a normal towel. You can hang it up like a little work of art. Or you can pretend you’re British and be like, oh, splendid, this is my tea towel, I will use it to nestle my scones.

Radical Tea Towel Company

Speaking of tea towels, these ones are British-made!

Hilarious Home Goods

Do you need nunchucks full of liquor? We thought so.

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