The #BullCon17 Ultimate Guide: Why You Should Join Us in DC to Boost Your Career (and Have a Kickass Time!)

Bullish Conference Ultimate Guide


The Bullish Conference is the summit of the year that brings together ambitious feminists from across the world. At BullCon, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with #bossladies in every field and many walks of life. We’ve created this ultimate guide to help you know what to expect from this annual summit. Check us out!

What is BullCon?

The Bullish Conference is a career conference designed for feminists who want to make the world and the workplace better. We believe that there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a roundtable on sexism in the workplace followed by champagne. No reason at all. You should boost your career, network with fabulous career rock stars and have an amazing time.

BullCon is an inspiring event for women at all stages of their careers, from students and entry-level employees to midcareer badasses and elder stateswomen. Since 2013, we have hosted attendees from ages 19 to 60. Some of us are employees, some are entrepreneurs or want to be someday. Some of us have PhDs, some of us skipped college. Some of us are looking for what we want to do, some of us are rocking it and want to give back. But we’re all interested in deepening our knowledge, supercharging our careers, and contributing as much as we can to making work better for women. Come to our 5th annual BullCon!


Our Location: Embassy Row Hotel in Washington DC

This year’s conference will take place at the beautiful Embassy Row Hotel. We’ve secured a group of rooms for attendees (with a bullish discount available) and will be meeting in rooms like The Situation Room and The West Wing.

Embassy Row Hotel sits on Embassy Row (as one would expect…) in Washington DC  with access to incredible sites, fabulous shopping and plenty of opportunities to #resist.

We’ve also compiled a list of things to do and ways to get political while in DC.  See more here.


Personalize Your BullCon Experience with Tracks:

This year, we’ve separated our workshops into three tracks. You can pick and choose based on your interests, but the structure will help you design a conference experience that’s as unique as you are.

Slay @ Work – The track for employees, managers and career-oriented feminists who want to succeed at their jobs and make the workplace a more diverse, welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

This track features the following workshops:

Caro Griffin: Practical Advice for New Managers
Janice Omadeke: From Token to Asset – How to Use Being Different to Your Advantage
Kathryne Dunlap: How To Write the Best GD Interoffice Memos The World Has Ever Seen
Emily Chapman: Tools, Systems and Processes: Automate What Should Be Automated
Romy Newman: How YOU Can Help Create Gender Equality in the Workplace… and Advance Your Career at the Same Time
Jenn Green: It’s Not Right But It’s OK: Using Allyship and Support Systems to Deal with Bias and Inequality in the Workplace

Side Hustle Sisterhood – for the #hustle queen who wants to build her side business, make extra money with passive income or just figure out how to balance wanting to do ALL THE THINGS.

Jasmine Smith, Chianti Lomax and Dominque Broadway: Starting and Balancing your Side Hustle + Your Life
Jennifer Dziura: MVP Isn’t Just for Software: How I started a meal kit company without venture capital
Ijeoma Nwatu Enemanna: You Already Have Your First Client… You Just Don’t Know It


Personal Development Powerhouse – Take charge of your life and hook your future self up with this track.

Mariah MacCarthy: How to Recover After Life Punches You in the Face
Lillian Karabaic: Investing Like the Bad*ss You Are
Kara Davidson and Stephanie Judd: Own Your Future
Takeallah Rivera: From Beginning to End: Creating a badass morning and evening routine


First Ever Bullish Pop-Up Market

This year, we’ll be hosting a pop-up market for our #ladybiz entrepreneurs, small business owners and exclusive sponsors.

How to participate: Buy your regular ticket to BullCon, and add on a pop-up market table for $150.

What you can sell/promote: Most things! No food or beverage, no MLM/pseudoscience/woo/bullshit. Other than that, it’s pretty open! You can promote your service business, you can sell jewelry on the spot, etc.

When: Saturday of the conference, for 1-2 hours of mingling/networking/shopping. (You won’t miss any of the regular conference.)

Logistics: The tables will be 4 ft or 6 ft tables, depending on how many people sign up. We’re limited to about 20 tables, space-wise.

The pop-up will be open to anyone in the hotel as well.

How + Why You Should Learn to Code – Happy Hour with General Assembly DC

Our fabulous partners at General Assembly DC will be leading a workshop on How and Why You (that means everyone!) Should Learn to Code – whether it’s because you want a new career, want to be able to bootstrap a startup, want to be able to better communicate with people who do the coding for your company, or whether you just want to get a little smarter by thinking in new ways.

Following the optional workshop, General Assembly is hosting a happy hour for the whole conference. Yay!

General Assembly has locations all over the world – check them out here. General Assembly DC is on Twitter here.


Free Headshots and Feminist Photo Booth

This year at BullCon17 we're offering free headshots and a feminist photobooth

Need a new LinkedIn headshot? Or maybe just a new Bumble profile picture? #BullCon17 has you covered. Our official Bullish Conference photographer is bullicorn Jackie Scripps! Our goal is to make sure that you’re prepared to absolutely #killit after BullCon, and part of that means having a badass new headshot/book cover photo/dating profile pic/whateveryouwant.

Learn more about Jackie and the free photos here.

Swag Bag

We like to think of our #swagbag as the cherry on top of an already amazing and badass weekend. We’ll be putting together a collection of Get Bullish goodies as well as gifts, discounts, and treats from our partners and sponsors.

Sample Schedule

Subject to change – official schedule released in October. 

4-7pm – Check in and Happy Hour
Get to know your fellow attendees, meet with experts and explore DC

Saturday:8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:45-10:45 Opening Roundtable
11-12 General Session 1
12:15-1:15 Lunch
1:30-2:30 Breakout sessions 2-3
2:45-3:45 Breakout sessions 2-3
4-5 Breakout sessions 2-3
5-8 Dinner on your own – Free time!
8-10 General Assembly — talk + happy hour

8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:45-10:45 General Session 2
11-12 Breakout Sessions 2-3
12-1:30 Break/Lunch free time
1:30-2:30 Exhibition hall / Networking
2:45-3:45 General Session 3
4-5 General Session 4
[free time, dinner on your own]
8pm Closing Party

Checkout, sightseeing, social time

November 2-5 is right around the corner, so get your tickets here and join us for this life changing conference. See you there! 

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