Best of Bullish: The Side Hustle

BoB Side Hustle

Note: Over the next month, we’ll be posting a series of curated “Best of Bullish” series.

Here at Bullish we have one rule: do not be beholden to a boss. Okay, maybe there’s more than that, but “do not let the man hold all the keys to your future” is near the top of the list. That being said, we know that quitting your job and becoming a full time sign painter isn’t going to cut it for you or your family right away. Solution: the side hustle. In these articles we discuss, among other things, where to get an idea, how to start, and how to manage your time well.


Start It Next Week. No, Seriously.

Diversifing Your Income is a Feminist Act – guest post by Emily Brown

How To Come up with Business Ideas.  (Spoiler alert: it’s not about expressing yourself).

Side Hustle and Stay Sane if You’re Already Working 40h Hours/Week

You Don’t Need a Business Plan

Time Management Things You Should Know


I’ve Got a Side Hustle, But Am I Thinking Too Small?

Is Writing a Book a Good Side Hustle?

On Running a Side Hustle Without Taking Any Sh*t


Last but not least: A Badass Cross Stitch Pattern – you go Bullicorn!

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