Scholarships for #BullCon2013: Apply Now!

Interested in attending Bullish Conference 2013? We’re offering full admission to the conference to one person who will provide full blog coverage of the events (a couple posts before the conference, several during, and a writeup afterwards), to be jointly published on and possibly your own blog.

We are also offering a scholarship for a photographer who will document the events, as well as provide headshot-style photography for the other attendees (who doesn’t want to look amazing, but also smart, bathed in golden sunlight, with a beach behind them, on LinkedIn, forever?)

If you win the scholarship, you still have to get yourself to Miami and pay for hotel (you can stay with a roommate, which cuts hotel costs by half), so please keep that in mind. Saturday meals are included. The deadline is October 1st.

You know we believe in pitching! Pitch to apply. And if you have some other amazing skill to offer we haven’t thought of, well, it would be pretty ballsy of you to pitch Haley about that.

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