Be Brilliant Gemstone Leather Tag Earrings | Light Pink and Bright Orange

Happy Birthday Simple Tassel Cuff Bracelet

Heart and Dolphin Earrings in Glass Vial

Breathe Handmade Lotus Stamped Circular Pendant Necklace

Zodiac Black Cat Large Enamel Pin

GIRL GANG Oversize Acrylic Earrings in Rainbow

Crown Heart Locket on Plate Rockware Necklace

You’re My Fav Gemstone Leather Tag Earrings | Green and Diamond

Stay Sparkly Gemstone Leather Tag Earrings

Girl Power Gemstone Leather Tag Earrings

Live What You Love Bar Necklace (Gold and Silver)

Pegasus Geometric Pendant Necklace in a Gift Box | Gold or Rose Gold)

True Baroque Necklace in Gold, Magenta, or Black

F*ck Yeah Horses Statement Necklace in Gold

Vintage Style Compass and Protractor Set Drop Earrings

Sunny Skies ’70s-’80s Style Enamel Rainbow Hook Earrings in Gift Box

Vintage Blue & White Ceramic Bead Stretch Bracelet

Pink Mixtape Mini Stud Earrings | ’80s Retro Style | Acrylic