Principles of Bullishness #7: Entrepreneurship is Part of the Modern Career Lifespan

Entrepreneurship is Part of the Modern Career Lifespan

If you’re going to work for 40+ years, you will have to be an entrepreneur at some point, even if you don’t want to now. There will come a time that you can’t work full-time and the part-time jobs are not good, or a time that your company treats you so badly you want to quit and go crush them, or just a time that you feel very confident and have a great idea, and it seems silly and stale and illogical to keep making money for someone else. It’ll happen before you’re 65. It will.

Even if you’re happy now being an employee, having an entrepreneurial plan in your back pocket makes you ballsier when you negotiate. You should go into a salary negotiation knowing that, if it doesn’t go the way you want, you’re ready to go out into the marketplace and start your own damn company. Entrepreneurship is not optional. If you’re employed, go ahead and ease into it. Read books. Attend pitch nights and startup events. Save those great ideas. Never get too comfortable. Everything changes; you need to be ready to get up and start something.

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