“Life Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint” – So You Still Have To Run As Fast As You F***ing Can.

This Bullish Bits post comes from Molly Crabapple, Jen’s best friend and business muse. Visit Molly’s website here!

You know that slogan “Life is a marathon, not a sprint”?

People always say that to me in this incredibly judge-ey way to chide me for working so hard.

I finally realized what was wrong with the metaphor.

If life is a marathon, it’s a marathon that’s timed. Say you get 5 hours. For the last hour and a half, you are wearing a ball and chain that gets progressively heavier until it’s almost impossible to move. Given that this is the case, anyone with sense would run as fast as conceivably possible in the first three and a half hours, so they had to do as little pulling of the giant iron ball as possible.

The finish line being “life as you fucking want it to be”, not “death”, obviously.

The whole “life isn’t a sprint” ignores the fact that you run so much fucking faster when you’re young.

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