BullCon Speaker Priti Mehta, “Giving Done Right – How to Maximize Your Giving Strategy”

BullCon 2020 is a women’s leadership conference where career badassery and feminism intersect.  BullCon operates on the belief that leadership is not a position or a title it is action and example, which is why it is the place for feminists who want to make the world and the workplace better.

BullCon Speaker, Priti Mehta, has dedicated her career to making the world a better place with her career in philanthropy and her work with non- profit organizations. We really wanted the chance to learn more about Priti, so we interviewed her.

Hi Priti, first we’d like to express how happy we are that you’re joining us for BullCon 2020! We’d love to learn a bit more about your experience working with non profits. Can you tell us a little about how you got started, and some projects that you are most proud of?

I got started with community service groups when I was in high school. I was involved with the Key Club in high school and was always volunteering my time with various organizations.
I knew that I wanted my professional work to make a difference, so when I graduated from college I applied for and received a job offer from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. I was able to work with the director of the Foundation’s quality of life grants program, an amazing woman who is still a mentor of mine. In my role at the Reeve Foundation I helped to manage the Foundation’s quality of life grants portfolio. The grants were awarded to organization’s working to improve the quality of life of individuals living with paralysis and their caregivers. During this time, I also had the opportunity to travel to various conferences and knew that I wanted to continue working in this area.

I decided to pursue further studies and went on to study public policy at The University of New Mexico; during my time in New Mexico, I continued working with diverse communities across the United States.

So, we know that you are passionate about philanthropy. How did you realize that this would become a career focus for you?

I began my career in philanthropy and one of the things I love the most about philanthropy is with some investments one can address a need immediately – such as providing food or shelter to those in need immediately. Other investments take time and energy as with a mentoring program like Big Brothers and Big Sisters – ( I used to be a big sister and had a very positive experience with the program). In my opinion philanthropy has the ability to form meaningful partnerships and when done well can accomplish great things for society overall.

Can you tell us more about your BullCon Presentation, “Giving Done Right – How to Maximize Your Giving Strategy”? Who should attend your talk and what will they learn along the way?

My talk will be focused on developing a giving strategy from the individual and business perspective.
I welcome individuals who are thinking of how to develop a personal giving strategy and may not be sure where to start in their approach.
I also welcome business owners who are interested in developing a giving strategy for their business and employees. I feel that my talk will benefit all attending BullCon.

Can you talk to us about an impactful moment in your career?

There are many to name but one was when I attended a Cease Fire talk in Los Angeles with 2 of the Reeve Foundation’s ambassadors. The meeting was a dialogue with various individuals who are part of the South Central Los Angeles Community. Many were affected by gun violence, including mothers and fathers of children who died of gun violence, individuals who were shot and also police and local media. It was very impactful to me because when we go into the communities we see the many aspects needed to create change in a community, from education to safe neighborhoods to creating safe communities.

And lastly, can you tell us one quirky or unexpected thing about you?

I enjoy knitting and I enjoy face painting. In particular, I enjoy face painting zombies and especially enjoy seeing Halloween designs.

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