Ivanka Freaking Trump and “Women Who Work… My Nerves”

Annotated version of Ivanka Trump's "Women Who Work... My Nerves"

Our fearless founder Jennifer Dziura read Ivanka Trump’s new book so you don’t have to. She also went ahead and made some useful edits.

Ivanka Trump’s Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success, has been hand annotated in red pen and retitled Women Who Work My Nerves: Rewriting the Rules for Success to Benefit the 1%. The annotated version has now been posted for sale on eBay  – all proceeds from the sale will go to EMILY’s List. (While we privately think some executive at EMILY’s List will probably find this amusing, no one at EMILY’s List was involved in this project.)

The book contains useful tips, such as:

Working remotely … helps keep the President from grabbing your p*ssy
See the value of self-care … instead of health insurance
Inspire a career sponsor … like Vladimir Putin

Here are some highlights:

Humor aside: This is a book ostensibly about women’s success that does not once mention that men might be behind problems women face in the workplace. This is a book that will not make the patriarchy uncomfortable in any way. Feminism fail. (Not that the book contains the word “feminism.” It does not.)

Of interestIvanka Trump’s new book is a vacuous exercise in branding by Tabatha Southey

Update: The annotated book has been sold and shipped! We donated the proceeds to EMILY’s List on behalf of Ivanka herself.

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