Jen’s BullCon Photo Diary

The 2014 Bullish Conference is in just 156 days!

Photos of BullCon2013 by our conference photographer Julie Lavoie are here. But here I’d like to share my personal snapshots from last year’s glorious (and gloriously productive!) trip to Miami.

Packing, and lint-rolling the cat hair from my new purple suitcase.


Three days, three fabulous pairs of shoes.


Miami Airport (“MIA,” which always makes me think “Missing in Action,” which is weird.)


Taxi stand at the airport. Easy peasy.


Shopping and cafes on the famed Lincoln Road.

18th Street Beach Walk, right outside the Surfcomber’s poolside area.

South Beach!

The Surfcomber.

My suite was full of bulls.

Goody bags!

Susan Sontag. Surfbordt.


The bull that inspired it all. (Yes, it’s a cow.)


Lounge by the pool.


The Surfcomber’s pool.


Unicorn horns for all.


The schedule.


Bullish Mad Libs!


The start of my Design Your 2014 workshop, which involved taking these purple clipboards outside by the pool or to the sand.


In case you were worried you were at the wrong conference.


Jennifer Wright teaches us how to pitch!


Ladies making it happen.


Laura Vanderkam!




Goody bags.


This is even more awesome when it’s November.


Dinner with the speakers.


Low-key unicorn champagne puzzle party. A few of the more energetic conferencegoers went out dancing, while those of us feeling more sedate chilled out here.


From the gift bags, a message for the ages.

Coming to BullCon2014? Earlybull pricing lasts until July 15. Limited to 40 tickets.

See you in Miami!

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