Design Your 2023 – Give your future self a badass year


The holidays are right around the corner and you may have a little downtime coming up – or at least a little thinking time. You can use this time to hibernate (valid) OR you can set yourself up for a super amazing, fulfilling, and values-oriented 2023. Or some of both!

I first introduced the idea of lifestyle/career design in 2011, in Bullish: Screw New Year’s Resolutions — Try Designing Your Career. Since the original article, we’ve held live “Design Your 20XX” workshops at the Bullish Conference and online, and I’ve looked at some people’s plans, and had the experience of my own plans greatly morphing over the last few years.

Why plan your 2023?

You’ll probably find like half a million “New Year’s Resolutions” articles and posts in the next couple of months, but I’m bored by these resolutions and for the most part, so are the people who make them. Everyone’s made at least one resolution that didn’t last past Valentine’s Day. And that helps no one.

Here at Bullish, we believe in:

  • living deliberately
  • proactively designing your life and career
  • saying a guilt-free goodbye to things that aren’t priorities
  • living with style, gravitas, meaning, and panache

This 21-page workbook is meant to be printed, taken someplace quiet, and passionately scribbled on, so pour yourself a cocktail and get to work! This workbook is designed to help you focus, get rid of things that don’t further your goals and make sure that you’re living deliberately and productively. Join us this year to prepare for a kickass 2023. Get Design Your 2023 here – you’ll be able to download it immediately after checkout.

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