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We’ve just released our #bullicornHacks life and career advice ebook! Here, you’ll find tips and tricks on everything from work, living well, relationships and making a difference in the world.

This compendious book – crowdsourced from the feminist productivity badasses of Bullish and curated by staff – is the perfect place to find bullish advice, tips and tricks on life, relationships, work and making the world a better place. Our Bullish readers had plenty to say when it came to ways to live a more gentlewomanly life.

With a foreword by Jennifer Dziura, the ebook contains 167 pages, and countless tips and tricks.

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Here are some of our favorite tweetable #lifehacks from bullish readers:

On How to Dress for Work:

“Figure out where in your town affluent women who leave professional jobs to become stay-at-home moms live. Go to the thrift stores in that part of town for your professional work wardrobe.” – Alex M., 27, Washington, DC, Editor

On Getting Hired: 

“When you go to the interview, pretend that you already work there and these people just want to talk to you about a project they want to pull you onto, because they want your skills. This will give you the calm, confident, friendly energy you need to come across well.”- Meg A., 36, Washington DC, International Development

[ctt template=”3″ link=”D7aKd” via=”no” ]How to get hired: Pretend you already work there. This will make you calm, cool and collected #bullicornhacks @getbullish[/ctt]

“I bring a binder with lots of tabs. Anything I can print out on the company or the job. My writing samples, extra copies of my resume, whatever. People lose their shit, they love binders with tabs.”- Maggie S., 37, Little Rock, Lawyer

[ctt template=”3″ link=”rxaN3″ via=”no” ]On getting hired: “People lose their shit. They love binders with tabs!” – Maggie S. #bullicornhacks @getbullish[/ctt]

On Getting People To Do What You Want:

Take a cue from the improv “yes and” philosophy. If you start with “yes and” (“you’re right and” also works) you can finish the sentence with the complete opposite of what they said and people feel appreciated. Note this works better when you also actually appreciate them.” – Kate I., 33, Director 

[ctt template=”3″ link=”afefC” via=”no” ]Make people do what you want: “Take a hint from improv. Use “yes and…” Then say whatever you want.”- Kate I. #bullicornhacks @getbullish[/ctt]

“The best email tip I ever got was that if someone doesn’t respond to an email, simply copy and resend it word-for-word, with no note or anything, as if the original email had never been sent. So far I have always gotten immediate replies (& apologies), perhaps because it is such a bizarre thing to do. Much more effective and less humiliating than writing a separate, “Hey,… just wondering if you ever got my email….?””- Katie L., 31, Freelance editor

On Negotiating a Raise:

Be willing to walk away. You cannot be desperate. You just can’t. Which is so hard because sometimes you ARE DESPERATE. Seriously though, have a walking away plan. Even if it is crazy like living in the woods. Just hold it in your heart. “I would rather live in the woods than get pushed around.” Find strength in thatCarlee N., 25, Kirkland, Problem Crusher

[ctt template=”3″ link=”c1Ge3″ via=”no” ]@GetBullish #BullicornHacks on Negotiating: “I would rather live in the woods than get pushed around.”- Carlee N. [/ctt]


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