BullCon18 Speaker: Rachel W Wynn – Emotional Labor is Holding Your Career Back: How to stop doing all the things

Rachel Wynn - BullCon18

This fall we’ll be gathering for the 6th annual Bullish Conference. We’re so excited to welcome Rachel W. Wynn to the speaker lineup!

We caught up with Rachel for a quick Q&A – get a sneak peak of what to expect this fall below.

Hi Rachel, can you tell us a tiny bit about your topic and what to expect from you at BullCon18?

My topic is “Emotional Labor is Holding Your Career Back: How to Stop Doing #AllTheThings” which I’m very excited to present for the first time publicly! It’s a signature talk I’m developing after realizing a passion for helping women learn about emotional labor, but more importantly what to DO about it. While, men today do a higher amount of household work than any generation before them, working women, especially working moms, are still silently picking up slack in the home which saps time and energy that could be spent building their careers.

In my session, I’ll lead an interactive discussion on emotional labor that will include:

  • How our society perpetuates the stereotype of women’s work
  • A worksheet on how to communicate with your partner and design a system to create an equitable household
  • How to retrain our mindset to “drop the ball”
  • Effectively using your voice at work so that you can retire as the meeting note-taker and birthday coordinator

What’s the worst advice you’ve gotten regarding career growth and doing all the things?

The worst advice I’ve ever heard was that you’re not a real entrepreneur if you’re not working your butt off while burning the midnight oil, or that you can only truly be successful if you wake up at the crack of down. I refuse to believe that “hustling hard” is a sustainable way to build a career that you love, not loathe.

I’m 100% fine with waking up at 9:30am or 10:00am each day (obviously I don’t have kids yet) and working until 6:00pm or 7:00pm. I think success can only be defined by your values and desires, so my priorities are all about sleep and having the freedom to manage my day in the way that works best for my productive time and lifestyle.

How can we follow you online? (website, social links etc.)

I’m @FeministWynn on Twitter and Instagram. I can be found at www.feministfounder.com You can also email me at rachel@feministfounder.com!

Is there anything else we should know/you want to share?

I’m passionate about women’s empowerment and have a community and accountability group for female entrepreneurs called Feminist Founder: The Circle that’s part of my larger personal brand. If you live in the DC-area shoot me an email and I’ll send an invite to our next meeting!


Join us this Sept 30 – Oct 3 for The Bullish Conference. Get tickets here

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