Why BullCon is the Best Conference Ever (In our humble opinion)

In our humble opinion, Bullcon is the best conference ever.  BullCon exists to unite ambitious feminists who want to make the world + the workplace better.  In addition to career development, one of the biggest takeaways from our past attendees has been the lasting connections they’ve made through the conference. We’ve compiled this short list of reasons why when it comes to conferences, Bullcon reigns supreme.

1. Meet your new crew of ambitious feminist besties.  BullCon is all about biz from a feminist POV but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of time for socializing!  The connections built at BullCon have led to not only business collaborations, but also long lasting friendships.


2. Biz tips, advice, and tools to supercharge your career. BullCon 2020 has incredible line up of speakers and presentations.  Each of the presentations fall into one of these 3 categories: Slay @ Work, Money & Biz, & Personal Development.  So whether you are switching careers, looking to start your own business, or just level up, you’ll get a lot of value out of BullCon.


3. Did we mention Virginia Beach? Yes, this conference includes serious #beachvibes Virginia Beach has it all – it’s in a state that just turned blue AF, it has 3 gorgeous beaches, and it’s an all around chill atmosphere.  Explore Virginia Beach with your new feminist crew + get a local tour guide.  Our founder, Jen, is originally from Virginia Beach and she’ll happily give you the scoop on where to go!


4. Also, shuffleboard. Yes, you heard that right- Learn to play shuffleboard at Beachside Social. Where else can you attend a business development conference AND play intermittently play shuffleboard?  We are pretty stoked about hosting our conference at Beachside Social!  Who says conferences can’t be fun?


5. Chill AF networking – Supportive, introvert friendly, engaging networking opportunities.  Networking has never been more casual and less awkward.  BullCon is an amazing opportunity to make connections that are genuine and long lasting. The supportive atmosphere bolsters instant comfort and plenty of conversations.


6. Real learning & real change- practical workshops, not just panels full of gab.  This conference is all about engaging with attendees.  Our super interactive style gives attendees immediate actionable next steps to implement into their everyday lives to help them level up!  At BullCon, you will have several opportunities to engage with presenters – many of them will attend other workshops with you!


7. Have we discussed how FUN this conference is? It’s the most fun you’ve ever had while working on your career, guaranteed.  Seriously, you’ll meet amazing people, play shuffleboard, hit the beach, and treat yourself to a cocktail or two.  BullCon is a mix of business, feminism, fun and vacation!  What more could you need?


8. The right size for a conference – an intimate group where you get to know the speakers and make friends.  Inspired by something you learned during a presentation?  Have a question for a speaker?  Well at BullCon there is no waiting in line to connect with a speaker.  This conference is intimate and there will plenty of chances to continue the conversation!


9.  Bullcon is an inspiring event for feminist-minded folks in all stages of their career who want to level up their career or business and make the workplace and the world better.  Whether you are in the beginning stages of your career, launching a new business, or ready to take your career to the next level, BullCon is for you.


In summation, BullCon is the place for you if you like fun, career development, incredible human beings, and the beach. You don’t want to miss out on this truly exceptional experience.


Come to BullCon!


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