#BullCon17 Speaker – Emily Chapman on “Tools, Systems and Processes”

BullCon17 speaker Emily Chapman on Tools, systems and processes

We are so excited to announce Emily Chapman will be speaking this year at BullCon17! Emily’s workshop is Tools, Systems, and Processes: A quietly profane, rambling ode to keeping as little stuff as possible in your head because you might get hit by a bus or just not want to think about it. Emily specializes in clearly communicating specialist knowledge to non-specialist audiences. She spends her days wrangling SAML assertions as a Technical Account Manager at Trello. She lives in Brooklyn and owns a terrible cat.

We chatted with Emily to learn more about what to expect this November. Here’s our Q&A with her.

Hi Emily, we can’t wait to learn from you this year at BullCon! What can you tell us about your workshop?

I’m going to be speaking on tools, systems, and processes, with a focus on setting things up so that tasks that can (and by rights should) be remembered and managed by robots don’t have to take up space in your brain. You can use your brain for more important things, like filling out CAPTCHAs that ask you to identify street signs and/or taking over the world. There will be an ode to TextExpander.

We’ve met you at BullCon before! How did you find Bullish?

It’s been so long I can’t remember! I must have seen a link to one of the columns back when it was still on The Gloss. I was in college, and the advice really appealed to me—I was obsessed with reading the columns. When the first conference was announced, I paid my own way form Atlanta and loved it. I went the second year, as well, and the women I met there in particular ultimately became the core of my non-work friends when I moved to New York in 2016.

Is there anything else you’d want to share before we see in you in person?

I’m obsessed with the Unicode Consortium, specifically how we localize the sweet potato emoji in different emoji sets, and I just want to share that with the wider group/the world.

We are so excited to learn from you this November! How can we stay in touch until then?

I’m most active on Twitter at @eachapm, on Instagram at @dwnerds, and I have a TinyLetter (don’t we all) available here.

Join Emily and the rest of the kickass speakers this November 2-5 in Washington DC at BullCon17! 

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