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We need money to do things. Having money makes things easier. There are systems in place that mean that money is divided unfairly. These things are a given. For a lot of us, money is also coupled with a lot emotions. However, in the end, money is a tool. Would you get emotional over a hammer? Of course not.

Here are some Bullish articles about money:

How to Think More Productively About Money

Be Broke Without Going Crazy 

More Money Saving Tips That Actually Make Sense. Much better than this gem:

“If you do use a salad bowl as a vase in a non-ironic way, it is simply not true, as suggested by the book, that “no one will be the wiser” — rather, you will look like a Depression-era grandmother cheerfully trying to distract everyone from the fact that dinner is potatoes and old boot leather again.”

Are you thinking about being a parent? You need to be financially planning for it already.

Build an emergency fund now, while you don’t need it.

Are you planning on getting hit by a truck? No, but it might happen anyway. Better to plan for it.

How to Build a Hope Chest Without Looking Like an Insane Harpy:

The hope chest was typically a wooden trunk given to a young woman by her family, and in which she collects linens and other household goods that she will use once married. Sometimes she sews her own sheets! In a social milieu in which you might expect to have babies early and often, it probably made sense to get the sheet-sewing done while you still had some time on your hands. Today, of course, this seems unreasonable.

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How to: Talk About Money Without Wanting To Crawl Out of Your Skin


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