2018 Bullish Recap

2018 was… quite a year, but in the bulliverse a lot of really cool shit happened.

In case you missed any of the bullish goodness, here’s a recap from the past year.

The Bullish Society

We’ve been welcoming badass bullicorns to The Bullish Society left and right. We’re now a community of 357 fierce feminists who collaborate, network, crowdsource, and support each other.

Claire O’Connor, founder of The Five Percent joined The Bullish Society as our accountability coach. She’s been hosting monthly Live Chats, weekly accountability check-ins, and offering Tips from a Coach each month.

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Collabs and Partnerships

Webinar collaboration with Everyday Feminism – How to Navigate the Workplace as a Feminist.

Partnered up with Skillcrush to help bullicorns pursue careers in tech. Check out this blog on how to kickstart your brand new career.

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6th Annual Bullish Conference

65 attendees congregated in Palm Springs for an amazing summit of life changing workshops, seminars, and networking. From self-defense, to dealing with emotional labor, to self-compassion, to building a remote career, #BullCon18 was badass from beginning to end.

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Bullish Shop Relaunch

Our shop is still chalk full of snarky, hilarious, cute, feminist gifts for all, but now it’s like really, really pretty! Check out our new look!

Plus, we have some amazing new products (and are adding more every day!)

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Our exclusive products are also now available at Bulletin and Cult Party in NYC.

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