Why Feminist Companies are “Failing” – Bullish on LinkedIn Pulse

We’re continuing to smash the patriarchy on LinkedIn, so check out our latest article on why feminist companies are “failing”:

In the already dark days of early 2017, we’ve also seen the implosion of a number of feminist-allied companies: the CEO scandal at Thinx, the bankruptcy of Nasty Gal, and the sale of Modcloth to Wal-Mart.

Is there some trend here? Are feminist companies inherently flawed in some way? Are women? Are … companies? I’m not exactly joking on the last one – some feminist commentators have concluded that the problem is just capitalism, period, and that there is simply no way to be a feminist and an entrepreneur.

Bullish exists at the intersection of careers/business and feminism, and it’s no secret I’m in favor of a Scandinavian style social democracy. In Sweden, you can have a good business idea and still get pretty rich. Your high taxes will be used for social improvements. If you spilled a shit ton of oil into the Gulf of Mexico (hard to do from Sweden), you’d probably go to jail. It would be a very humane jail with good coffee, unlimited herring, and probably like a free masters degree program. But you’d go to jail. You can put limits on businesses and still provide plenty of incentive for entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurs. I want that. Women got into the game of entrepreneurship late – I’m interested in us playing it well and improving how the game is played.

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