November 19 Webinar – Public Speaking, Charisma, and Credibility (Without Having to Practice Your Deep Man-Voice)

Join us for a live webinar with Jennifer Dziura, one of our monthly series. This time? PUBLIC SPEAKING, CHARISMA AND CREDIBILITY. Because every gentlewoman can use some gravitas. Make yourself a cocktail and join us online! Thursday, November 19th, 2015 at 8pm EST. Before the webinar, you’ll have the option of contributing a bio, as well as answering a question or two…

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The GetBullish Feminist Gift Guide

The GetBullish

The holidays approach! And we have suggestions for all your holiday shopping, provided that you only buy gifts for feminists. (I mean, obviously, right?) We’ll update and boost this post periodically as we add new products to our store, and find cool new products around the Web. The GetBullish (Wo)manifesto Bag – one for $20 or two for $35 (plus…

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Jen at the Seven Sisters Conference: Your Personal Mission

This Saturday, I’ll be back at Barnard’s Athena Center to present on the topic of personal mission statements, this time to a conference of the Seven Sisters universities. This post currently hosts a few links I want to share with the attendees (hi!) On Mission Statements: What’s Your Personal Mission Statement – Forbes On Life in General: Bullish: What I Wish…

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How to Be So “Productive” That You Hate Life and Everyone Hates You


In a recent piece on The Muse – Screw Productivity Tips That Only Make Your Life More Stressful – I wrote: I’m sure there are some professional levels you cannot reach unless you do the most important thing first, every morning. But I do pretty well, and I like to ease into things with two cappuccinos and Instagram. I don’t want to…

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2 #BullCon15 Recaps from Our Speakers

-POP (5)

Missed #BullCon15? Loved it so much you just can’t let go? Check out these recaps from two of our speakers! From Hillary Rea – Tell Me A Story at #BullCon15 Through group exercises and some independent brainstorming, everyone left the workshop with a draft of their story pitch ready to go. There was only time for two volunteers to give their story…

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Best of Bullish: Look Ahead & Get To Work This Winter

Look Ahead & Get to Work

With the season of all-day pajamas, all-night parties, and all the things with “nog” in them approaching, here’s some motivation to get shit done. Be a bullicorn while everyone else is “chilling.” Use The Holidays To Get Ahead (While Sitting On Your Mom’s Couch) However, the holiday season is a lovely opportunity to email anyone you want to pitch something…

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#BullCon15 Photos: Fierce, Feminist, Fabulous

Bullcon - 193 of 346

The 2015 Bullish Conference took place on October 10, 2015 in NYC, with a hospitality room on October 9 and a glam brunch on October 11. Check out some images by Bhavya Reddy. Complete gallery on Flickr. Click here for the complete photoset by Bhavya Reddy. You can also sign up here to get more information about #BullCon16.

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October 15 Webinar – The Elder Stateswoman: Age with Power and Panache

Join us for a live webinar with Jennifer Dziura, one of our monthly series. This time? THE ELDER STATESWOMAN. We know #BullCon15 just happened, and we haven’t quite gotten around to all the news. But we wanted to make sure you knew about the webinar this Thursday. October’s webinar is about BECOMING AN ELDER STATESWOMAN / gentlewoman / catlady. Are…

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What To Do in NYC (besides #BullCon15!)

This guide has been curated by NYC bullicorn Whitney Meer. Thanks, Whitney! The Bullish Conference is only two weeks away and we could not be more excited. We’re polishing our business tiaras and getting our blazers pressed in anticipation of your arrival. A lot of you are coming in from out of town, so we want to make sure your…

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#BullCon15 – It’s not too late to join us in NYC!


The Bullish Conference is less than two weeks away – I’d love to meet you there! Here is ALL THE AWESOME in one fell swoop. Details: Calling ambitious women: world-changers, DIYers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, corporate takeover-ists, artists, elder stateswomen, forward-thinking students, and all other take-charge women. Saturday, October 10, 2015 with special events on Friday, October 9 and Sunday, Oct 11…

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Best of Bullish: About Money

We need money to do things. Having money makes things easier. There are systems in place that mean that money is divided unfairly. These things are a given. For a lot of us, money is also coupled with a lot emotions. However, in the end, money is a tool. Would you get emotional over a hammer? Of course not. Here…

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