Starting Oct 4: The 30-Day Pitch Challenge


Over on the The Bullish Society we’re running four 30-day challenges each year. Our first challenge: The 30-Day Pitch Challenge. Pitching isn’t just for writers and baseball players! (See Bullish: 3 Tips for Pitching Your Dream Gig.) Everyone needs to pitch, whether it’s lunch with a potential mentor or having a company create the perfect job for you. The best…

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Announcing: The Bullish Society

The Bullish Society

UPDATE: The Bullish Society is now live! Join at Hey, it’s Jen. This week is a HUGE week for Bullish – and I hope you’ll join me. Just as the Bullish Conference cart closes (Aug 31!), another opportunity opens up: The Bullish Society. You don’t need to do anything right now. But this September 6th – the day after…

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I Want to See a Gender-Swapped Version of Every Movie. Literally Every One.

Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters

Spoiler alerts for numerous movies and TV shows, all more than a year old. In case you haven’t heard, Splash – the 1984 fantasy romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks as the man who falls in love with a mermaid Daryl Hannah – is being remade, with Channing Tatum as the mermaid. I like this. Channing Tatum maybe originally wasn’t exactly my type.…

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#BullCon16: Katie Dutcher on Confidence and Mindfulness


An interview with #BullCon16 workshop leader Katie Dutcher. Visit the Bullish Conference website here. Hi Katie! We’re looking forward to meeting and learning from you at #BullCon16 this September! First, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do? I live in Monterey, California, and I teach mindfulness and meditation. For about 5 years, I was working…

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#BullCon16: Sharon Beason on Multiple Income Streams


An interview with #BullCon16 workshop leader Sharon Beason. Visit the Bullish Conference website here. Hi Sharon, thanks for joining us – we’re looking forward to meeting you and learning from you at #BullCon16. First, what exactly is Womeneur? How did you get the idea, and how did you get started? Womeneur is a platform created in April 2015 to provide…

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#BullCon16: Esmé Weijun Wang on Succeeding Despite Limitations


An interview with #BullCon16 workshop leader Esmé Weijun Wang. Visit the Bullish Conference website here. Hi Esmé! First let me say we’re looking forward to meeting and learning from you in PALM SPRINGS oh-so-soon! Would you mind telling us a little about you and what you do?   I’m a writer, primarily—my debut novel, The Border of Paradise, just came…

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Rocking Our (Serene! Extra Serene!) Morning Routines


Bullish Merit Badges launched a few months ago – long enough for some of you to have earned the first two and be waiting for us to release the next one! New to merit badges? These are real, physical merit badges that you earn by completing self-improvement (or career-improvement) tasks on a particular topic. Report back when you’re done, and…

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New in the GetBullish Shop: French Feminism, Whiskey, Unicorn Socks

When we’re not planning our annual conference or dispensing aggressive-lady advice here on the site, we’re sitting in a tiny warehouse surrounded by socks that say “fuck” on them. As in, Fuck This Shit or My Cat Is Cool as Fuck. Yeah, that’s our business model. There are also a lot of unicorns. Feminist unicorns. Here are some delightful new items in…

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