Why We’re Coming to #BullCon14: Bossladies, Planning 2015, “Drinking by the Pool with People Who Do More Than Just Drink by the Pool”

There’s a little line on the BullCon registration form that asks “Why are you coming to BullCon?”

We’ve gotten enough entries that we’ve decided to share what our attendees and speakers had to say about why they’re coming to join us in Miami.

We’ve kept it anonymous, although “networking” and “beach” get mentioned in pretty much every one anyway:

Meeting amazing ambitious women : )

Networking, speaking, the beach!

everything… networking, learning, sharing experiences

Being around boss ladies. 

Figuring out what to do with my life, warm weather, and seeing the awesome women I met last year again!

Soaking up knowledge/experience/advice from an incredible group of professional lady badasses.

Planning my 2015 empire! Meeting like-minded boss ladies! Escaping Boston for cocktails and the beach!

Meeting the other attendees and speakers, attending the workshops, the pool : ) 

Hands-on workshop for negotiation prowess! Sunny poolside brainstorming! Hanging out with smart, sharp, progressive women! 

Instagramming, networking, craft cocktailing…and Miami in November!

I’m going to meet some awesome ladies, give a talk, and teach a workshop. Oh, and there’s a pool.

Planning 2015. 

Building my network with like-minded women. Planning my 2015. 

I’m most looking forward to meeting other Bullicorns and sharing the ideas I have for businesses, and of course I am excited about poolside networking over cocktails.

Learning to become more efficient.

New ideas, drinks, and feeling inspired.

Refocusing on what the next three-five years of my professional life look like. Meeting other smart ladies (or re-meeting those from last year). Cuban food.

Everything! Making my 2015 plan, the networking workshop (all the workshops really!), meeting the kind of young women who would come to this, drinking by the pool with people who do more than just drink by the pool.

A perfect mix of relaxation and productivity.

BullCon13 Photos by Julie Lavoie. Welcome back to Jamie, Haley, Emily C., Allison, Emily B., and Amber, and welcome to all our new badass women headed to Miami!

15 tickets are left! Register for #BullCon14 here.

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