Where to Stay for #BullCon15


Not sure where to stay to make the most of The Bullish Conference? We’ve got options ranging from “backpacker” to “lady of leisure.”


Top Picks

Off-Soho Suites is within walking distance of the conference and offers a Deluxe Suite for $299/night–the master bedroom comes with either a queen or two twin beds, and the living room has a pull-out sofabed. Stay with two friends and you each pay $100/night. Off-Soho also offers an economy suite with 2 twin beds (shared bathroom) for $199/night.

New York Budget Inn is a hostel-like accommodation with great reviews. Prices are under $100/night, even for the few private rooms with private bathrooms (snap them up fast!) Dorm-type accommodations are just $55/night.

If you’ve got money to burn, the Trump Soho is very convenient to the conference and drop-dead gorgeous (about $525/night).



Sixty LES Hotel
Sixty LES

If you’re looking to splurge on a gorgeous hotel, Sixty LES is the closest hotel to #BullCon15. The early booking rate is $315/night for either a Queen or $432/night for a Double Deluxe ($216/night each if you room with someone).

For a luxury experience further uptown, we love the Library Hotel (about $395).

For a luxury experience in the Financial District, near the water, try The Conrad (about $329).

New York has no shortage of luxury hotels, so we won’t bother to list the hundred more we could undoubtedly endorse! You have quite a few other options, though.



One great way to stay at the conference is to split costs with a roommate. However, because space is at a premium in the city, some hotels don’t have rooms with double beds–and never assume that’s what you’ll be getting if you didn’t specifically book a double.

Here are some hotels with options for doubles:

The Paul has made bunk beds fancy.

70 Park Avenue‘s Pre-Pay and Save rates are $381/night for a Queen Deluxe or $432.65/night for a Double Double Deluxe.

The Kitano has a Weekends Special Offer, with a Superior room at $374/night and a Superior Double-Double at $424/night.

Hotel Metro New York have an advance, non-refundable online rate of $289.20/night for a Contemporary Queen, $456.50/night for a Premier Double Double.

The Dylan Hotel has a Luxury Queen for $339/night (a bit confusing—this site shows the total price, instead of per night) and a Room Triple (it only has 2 beds, though!) for $420.25/night.

The Paul has options for $309 per night and Manhattan Double for $349.

This is just a brief list–New York has many, many hotels in this price range.


Budget Options

If you’re open to a hostel-like accommodation (respect the hustle!), things get much cheaper.

New York Budget Inn

Again, the New York Budget Inn offers Private Room with an ensuite for $82.50/night, a Private Room with a shared bathroom is $62.50/night. They’ve also got a female dorm for $55 (think bunk beds and lockers). Private rooms book fast, get them ASAP!

Hotel 31 has an advance purchase Single with a shared bath for $134.10/night and a Double with shared bath for $143.10/night.

You can find more ultra low-cost options at hostels.com.



Air BnB offerings range from a 5 Bedroom apartment on Wall Street for $900/night to the Comfiest Couch in Manhattan for $31/night. Most of the private rooms are in the $95 – $135 range. Here’s a search link for listings on the Lower East Side for under $175.

Note that, if you are new to AirBNB and have no ratings, it may be hard to get a response from apartment owners. Make sure to fully fill out your profile, and send the owner a nice message with links to your social media profiles or a bio page at your job, and tell them you’re coming to the conference (not, for instance, in town to hold wild parties in their apartment).


Other options

And if you’ve got friends, grandmas or your own home close, so much the better!

Here’s a little context. New York City is made up of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. When most out-of-towners think of “New York,” what they’re really thinking of is Manhattan. Within each borough are neighborhoods (Soho, Harlem, the Upper West Side, etc.)

Here’s a neighborhood map from Citidex. The Lower East Side is exactly where one would expect, which is pleasant.


The conference is on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and is just over the water from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

New York has wide-ranging public transportation (official subway map), and seeing different parts of the city and taking the subway is part of the adventure, so if you get a great deal or have a friend you can stay with in a bit of a far-out neighborhood, we say go for it if it’s in Manhattan or Brooklyn (ask your friend how long it takes them to get into Manhattan).

Queens is going to be a longer ride (please don’t get suckered into a hotel near the airport!), and we don’t recommend the Bronx, Staten Island, or anything in New Jersey (no offense, but that’s a long commute).

Do you have New York questions? Like, “My cousin has a place in Astoria, should I stay on his couch?” We would be happy to answer them. Try us at info@getbullish.com

Finally, register for The Bullish Conference here!

Note: All rates mentioned are based on visiting each hotel’s website and entering our dates as October 9 through October 11. Of course hotel rates can change at any time.


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