Voices of BullCon – hear from past attendees

As we prepare for this year’s Bullish Conference (5 year anniversary!) we wanted to share some thoughts from previous attendees about their experiences. Our attendees come to BullCon for many different reasons; whether it’s to work on their side hustle, build a business, rock their career, network or just meet new bullish BFFs.

Bullish exists at the intersection of careers and feminism – it’s a gathering place for women who want to do better at work, and make the world better in the process.

“I hate conferences. But I loved Bullcon. It’s like being surrounded by 40 people in different industries, from different backgrounds, of different ages, who couldn’t be more like you. It’s the only time I’ve felt like I wanted to get to know everyone in the room and talk for days.”  -Sara BullCon16

“I arrived with an open mind and open heart and I left overflowing with 83749827304230 ideas, tactical plans of action for me personally and professionally and 100% motivated. I felt grounded and connected to a great group of humans and I can’t wait for future BullCons and Bullish content.” -Christa BullCon16

“Since it started as an advice column, Get Bullish has grown into a powerful community with multiple entry points. There are physical products touting feminist values, educational products for productivity and planning, a membership society, a conference, not to mention tons (and tons) of free articles full of no-nonsense good ideas. Get Bullish will help you run a business, build and navigate a career, self-advocate, and ask for what you want. But equally, if not more importantly, it will connect you with people. People whose values align with yours.” – Eva BullCon15

“I expected great workshops. I did not expect the life-giving, collaborative conversations that organically happened throughout the conference – over meals, at the bar, at the pool. I now have solid, meaningful connections with incredible women – after only three days! For an introvert, that’s f*cking amazing. I’m not the kind of person that likes conferences. They’re typically stuffed with vendors and you meet a lot of people you never speak with again. BullCon16 was the complete opposite of that. It was authentic, meaningful, intimate, empowering.”- Heather BullCon16

BullCon17 is the perfect place to meet ambitious feminists who want to advance their careers, build their businesses and make connections.

This year BullCon17 will take place in Washington DC at the Embassy Row Hotel. We have special discounts for hotel rooms and Amtrak tickets for Bullish Attendees. Check out our site here for more information.

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