The Weather Outside Is Frightful, So Stay Inside and Plan Your Empire

December is traditionally the laziest time of the year—most people are off work, in their pajamas, and drinking/eating something with the syllable “nog” in it. (Does anyone really drink eggnog?)

Let’s step it up. Here’s a roundup of get-it-done columns.

Work, Work, and Then Work Some More
ABW: Always be working. But not necessarily for your boss. More like for your future self. On that score, see…
Bullish: Maybe Work-Life Balance Means You Should Work MORE
Bullish: Use The Holidays To Get Ahead (While Sitting On Your Mom’s Couch)
Bullish: Screw New Year’s Resolutions – Try Designing Your Career
Bullish: How To Whip Your Life, Finances, And Brain Into Shape For Entrepreneurship

Start A Business
You can start a business in the time it takes for the New Years’ ball to drop, pretty much.
Bullish: You Can Start A Business By Tuesday
Bullish: Starting A Business When You’re Broke (Or Making Money During The Great Recession)

‘Tis The Season
Don’t be a Scrooge – spread some Bullish cheer!
Bullish: How To Use Your Career To Make The World A Better Place
Bullish: Gratitude Is Nice, But Don’t Let It Keep You From Action

Maybe You Do Need A Break After All
There’s no shame in taking a few days to relax if you really need it! A statutory holiday is the perfect time to save yourself from burnout and recharge for the year ahead.
Bullish Life: Achieve Goals And Glory By Recreating Like A Total F**ing Badass
Bullish: How To Avoid Burnout And Not Becoming A Brain-Eating Zombie, Part One and Two
Managing Energy & Staying Productive


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