The Power of Quiet

The RSA has just launched a new video series called RSA Shorts; these videos are intended to be a “jolt of ‘mental espresso'”, and I’m never one to turn down another shot of espresso in any form.

Noted Bullicorn Molly Crabapple illustrates Susan Cain talking about the value of introverts and extroverts working together. Cain, the author of this New York Times article on groupthink, says:

“…for too long, we’ve looked at introversion only through its disadvantages, and we’ve looked at extroversion only through its advantages.”

As an example, she points out that Steve Wozniak (depicted by Molly in cat form) was an introvert who worked on what became the Apple computer in solitude. It was Steve Jobs (depicted as a tall, black-turtleneck-wearing dog), the extrovert, who stood in front of the world and explained exactly why they needed an Apple product. They couldn’t have made Apple the company it is today without each other’s strengths.

Jen has written several Bullish and Bullish Life columns about how to make introversion work for the Bullish reader. Read Bullish: How To Be A Lone Unicorn and Bullish: The Nerdy, Reflective Person’s Guide To Networking for more!

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