The Bullish Team is Expanding! Please Welcome Jenny P

Hey everyone, Jen here!

I have a big announcement — Bullish has just hired its first full-time team member! And I didn’t want to dilute the Jennifer-quotient of the company, so please welcome Jennifer Palkowitsh, known here in the bulliverse as Jenny P.

How did this happen? I was looking on Craigslist for a videographer to make some educational videos for my new test prep project. Jenny had posted a bang-up ad. We spent about six months of Jenny working here at Bullish HQ one or two evenings a week, making the Bullish Vlog, a few product demonstration videos, and tons of content for my test prep startup. And then I was like, Um … can you do other things? And she was like: I can pretty much do all the things.

Jenny comes to us originally from Colorado, and has been living in Brooklyn for the past 4 years. After attending acting school at NYCDA, Jenny worked in sales and marketing (ranging from a dog walking company to a plastic surgery practice) before making her way here. In her free time, Jenny loves snowboarding, seeing obscure plays and movies, exploring the East Coast and taking care of her cat, Davey Jones. She is so excited to get to work with all of the amazing women that make up the Bullish universe!

What does this mean for Bullish? GREAT SHIT. More posts! Better communication! Richer planning for our conference! More progamming in The Bullish Society – join us if you haven’t already, and we’ll hang out (motivationally!) all workday! Also: way more behind-the-scenes pics.

Please welcome Jenny P. and a new era of Bullish domination! (Nice domination! But not too nice.)

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