Slay and Get Paid: How Introverts Can Kill It At Negotiating on SkillCrush

Check out Jen's latest SkillCrush article on Negotiating Tips for Introverts

We’ve been collaborating with some of our favorite boss ladies at Skillcrush, “an interactive online learning community for creatives, thinkers, and makers”. Skillcrush focuses on making tech easy to understand, friendly to people of all backgrounds and available to help people succeed. Jen writes a monthly column on their blog focused on starting a business, killin’ it as a freelancer and ambitiously taking your career by storm.

Check out Jen’s latest article on How Introverts Can Kill it at Negotiating:

So you’re a solopreneur! There’s no one to tell you to wear real pants or not to go to that 2:00 p.m. powerlifting class—but there’s also no one to make sure you get paid fairly, or even what to charge at all.

And, if the pants-optional work life appealed to you in the first place, you just might be an introvert. Fortunately, negotiating isn’t especially harder for introverts, particularly with the power of technology (that is, hiding your nervousness behind extremely well-crafted emails). Whether you consider yourself a true introvert or just someone who’s anxious or conflict-avoidant, here are some ways to get started and boost your negotiating game.

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