Review of May’s Webinar “Better Brain, Better Life” – Eva Jannotta of Simply Put Strategies



Thanks to Eva Jannotta for this review:

Last Thursday I enjoyed Jen Dziura’s (Get Bullish) webinar “Better Brain, Better Life: Get Clear, Organized, and In Control.” We can all relate to feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of things in our lives: physical and mental and professional. Jen offers suggestions for how to manage your things and your mind for a better life:

Maybe You’re Not Actually a Lazy Procrastinator: Sometimes what you’re doing is not in line with your values. Other times there are parts of achieving your main goals that suck. For example: if you’re an artist and creating art is your goal, but you hate marketing your work. In that case, compartmentalize the work you hate, and reward yourself for doing it. Instead of doing it a little bit every day, do it once a week and treat yourself afterwards.

Do Nothing Sometimes. Reflection is mandatory for learning. With our desire to be productive constantly, we don’t leave time to stare into space while our mind makes connections. As Jen put it, “you are accomplishing something by doing nothing.”

Be Reasonable. Accept that you’re not going to do ALL THE THINGS tomorrow. Every time you expect that of yourself and inevitably fall short, it makes you feel bad. Jen reminds us that people don’t think about you that much. They just don’t. It takes a while for people to realize you’re not doing all your work. If there’s not enough time to go around, focus on the big things that will earn you recognition and advancement.

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