Qapital + Bullish: Use Rules and Automation to $ave Like a Bullicorn


We here at Bullish are all about quantifying everything. Once you have hard numbers, you can use those hard numbers to help you negotiate, build your reputation, and prove your expertise. We have partnered with Qapital (and by “partnered,” we mean Qapital is providing a fancy brunch and also we like everything they’re doing) for #BullCon15, and here is one good reason why.

Qapital lets you 1) automate, and 2) quantify your savings, and use that data in fun and personalized ways. You hook up your bank account (this was easy – you basically just use the same login and password you normally use to log in to your bank, not like “wait five days and report back that we deposited 17 cents into your account”), and then set savings goals (with background images!)


You can create a variety of savings rules – save $1 this week, $2 next week, and so on. Or, round up all your purchases (when you buy something for $14.81, the extra $0.19 is saved automatically). Or you can automatically save for your tropical vacation every time it rains, or save towards your Bullish Conference ticket every time you have a coffee. You can even enable a saving every time you check something off your to-do list. Empire-planning on two fronts at once!

When you reach savings milestones, you get congratulated! As well you should!

(Please pardon our rather self-serving example here, but we do get a lot of messages about saving for BullCon.)


Visit the Qapital site and download the free app for iPhone here.  To get the upcoming release for Android, add yourself to the list here to be the first to know.

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