Principles of Bullishness #8: Always Be Willing to Walk Away

Always Be Willing to Walk Away

The way to win at negotiating isn’t to use “power poses” or memorize some magic words. It’s to be very, very valuable in the marketplace – and for everyone to know it. And for you and the boss to work together, as peers, to find a mutually agreeable arrangement.

A lot of negotiating advice begins with the idea that you are an employee who really wants a job, or is already in a job. At that point, you have no chips. You want that entrepreneurial plan in your back pocket. You want a reputation as a game-changer or intellectual contributor in the field. Your boss should come in motivated to keep you at any cost. That means you’ve been networking, and contributing to your field outside of your job, even when things are good. Especially when they’re good.

It’s also not a coincidence that the number one skill, in general, for thriving in life is the ability to emotionally break away from toxic people and dead-end situations. There are controlling families, and partners, and companies, who want to exploit your capacity for emotional attachment in order to hold you back. Don’t let them.
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