Principles of Bullishness #6: The Best Opportunities are Not Advertised

The Best Opportunities are Not Advertised

If someone has already advertised it on a job board or turned it into a contest, it’s no longer a good opportunity. The balance of power is against you.

Amazingly, there is much less competition at the very top of most things than in the middle. A million people want an unpaid internship at a fashion magazine. No one but you is going to track down a startup founder and convince him over coffee that you know how to get his product in the press.

You must pitch. Make your own opportunities. Make mutually beneficial offers to strangers, including people way above you. Let rejection roll off; you’re on to the next pitch. The best job will be one created for you. The best client will be one who feels you understand them perfectly – you just swooped in out of nowhere and solved their problem. There is no Prince Charming of work. Do not wait to be picked.

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