A Not-Very-Relatable Post About Taking Zero Maternity Leave and Doing All the Things and Everything Working Out Just Fine

photo via Unsplash

“I tell this story because recently I’ve read a series of articles that present new motherhood as a messy, weepy servitude where you no longer get to shower, everything falls apart, you no longer know yourself, and you become some totally different person who mourns the person you once were. I certainly do not dispute that it is exactly this for many women. These pieces clearly resonate.

But keep in mind: virtually all of the articles on the internet were written by freelance writers. And let me tell you: BROOKLYN IS EXPENSIVE AND BEING A FREELANCE WRITER IS A TERRIBLE WAY TO MAKE MONEY.

I’m saying that many articles about what it’s like to have a baby and also try to work are written by people who never had sustainable business models to begin with.”

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