Meet BullCon14 speakers Casey Erin Clark & Julie Fogh

This #BullCon14, participate in an interactive workshop on communicating with authority — without being told to, um, make yourself taller and to try to deepen your voice (not very feminist advice, is it?)

Casey and Julie of Vital Voice have a lot to say about making communications training more feminist. See their guest post: The Art of Interruption — Or “how to speak up without feeling like an asshole.”

Casey Erin Clark has been teaching vocal production, public speaking, accent modification, and singing to clients of all ages for the last 10 years, working with the prestigious TADA Youth Theater, NY Speech Coaching, the Studio New Canaan, and her private studio.  Her clients hail from Fortune 500 companies and fast-moving start-ups, business schools, a dozen different countries . . . and one NYC slam poet who wanted to bring out his inner folk singer.

She is passionate about finding and freeing her clients’ own unique sound, style, and delivery to help them communicate with the utmost ease and joy.

Julie Fogh is an actor and teacher in NYC. She holds an MFA from Northern Illinois University, and a BA in Theatre and Women Studies from University of Washington, and is certified Associate Teacher in the Fitzmaurice Voice Technique. She has studied at the Moscow Art Theatre and University of Copenhagen. As an actress, she has worked in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Julie’s mission is helping people discover their vibrant authentic voice, and uses a variety of methods to give her students the tools to shine. She has worked with people of all ages helping them navigate their own individual tensions and blocks, revealing their personal power and unique and captivating humanity.

Julie and Casey were both frustrated with the gap in the speech coaching industry – in addition to being very male-centric, it seemed to thrive on the idea that there is one way to sound authoritative and in command.  They believe in the necessity of empowered voices–and that powerful communication is a learnable skill. So they founded Vital Voice Training, and have been helping their clients find their authentic, unique voices.

Register for The Bullish Conference here. Only 15 tickets left!

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