Meet BullCon14 speaker Ji Eun (Jamie) Lee

Ji Eun (Jamie) Lee is a workshop leader specializing in helping ambitious women build and flex their asking muscle through tailored and hands-on negotiation training. Because you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate in life and in business. She has a vision of helping one thousand women boldly ask for what they desire from their work. She’s working on making that vision a reality through learning, coaching, and sharing.

In the past, Jamie has worked for an international government organization that was going to build a nuclear power plant in North Korea, a beauty company that delivered body butter and blissful massages, a hedge fund that had a convoluted overnight arbitrage strategy, and an angel investment fund that backs women-founded startups. She makes it a point to work with people who start things and hustle with heart, and she strives to be a person of action who runs headlong into her fears.

Her blog, On Believing and Asking, covers her thoughts on start up equity, contentious tactics in the workplace, and, obviously, a whole bunch of valuable advice on negotiating.  You can also see her ideology of learning by doing, listening before asking, and growing the pie on her twitter, @JiEunJamie.

Read her guest post on GetBullish here.

And you can talk to her next to a pool at the Bullish Conference. Check out her workshops here.

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