Jen on the Ladies Get Paid Panel: Stop Starving – How Creatives Get Paid

Our founder Jen Dziura spoke on a panel discussing “Stop Starving: How Creatives Get Paid” in NYC – coming here from the panel discussion? Welcome!

This Ladies Get Paid event aimed to answer the question:

Why is it so damn hard for creative people to talk about money?

For those of us who do creative work, it can be particularly difficult to price ourselves—let alone talk about money openly. For many creatives, it’s stressful just making ends meet…

Key takeaways:

  • Defining/defying titles: what does it mean to be a “creative”?
  • Balance between artistry and commercial work: what is “selling out”?
  • The exposure vortex: when is okay to work for free and/or trade vs. getting paid?
  • How to raise our prices fairly while remaining competitive?

Here are a few Bullish articles that expand on points from the talk:

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We’re also going to be hosting our 5th annual Bullish Conference this November 2nd – 5th.

Learn how to get a job, #slay at a job, start a business or side hustle – and make the workplace better.

Topics of interest at the conference:

  • Feminism in the Workplace
  • Side Hustle Sisterhood
  • Feminist Public Speaking
  • Personal Productivity
  • Who Should Learn to Code? (And How)
  • How to Get Back Up When Life Punches You in the Face
  • Design Your 2018

Social events, breakfasts, happy hour, and a pop-up market are also on the agenda.

Check out the the website here for more information.

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