How to Ride Life’s Waves and Do Amazing Things – Guest post with Katie Dutcher

Courage Amidst Uncertainty with Katie Dutcher

I am pleased to announce some digital products from #BullCon16 speaker Katie Dutcher, who offers meditation and mindfulness without the superstitious BS. You know that’s what we’re all about at Bullish. -Jen

Katie Dutcher teaches meditation and is a mindfulness coach. She operates Flourish & Bloom, helping people to know themselves better, leading to personal growth and transformation. She also co-founded Monterey Bay Meditation Studio, northern California’s first studio dedicated to meditation and mindfulness.

Not a huge fan of the “woo,” Katie’s approach is practical and relevant, making her a hit at last year’s Bullish Conference! Her workshop on “Courage Amidst Uncertainty” struck a chord with conference participants, which inspired Katie to dig deeper into this topic.

Check out a short meditation with Katie for facing uncertainty with courage:

Katie’s latest project is a suite of resources on uncertainty and courage– an ebook, self-guided course, and coaching package. Having experienced the loss of her father and subsequent career shifts, she has woven her learnings and perspectives, along with wise words from authors such as Brene Brown, Pema Chodron, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Elizabeth Gilbert, into a narrative that is authentic and empowering.

The self-guided course version intersperses guided meditations and invitations for written reflection so that readers can apply and integrate their learning. The coaching package offers one-on-one conversations with Katie for individualized support.

Find the ebook and packages here


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